Reports across the internet vary about a new model from Asus, which might or might not form part of the company's rapidly expanding Eee range.

Said to be called the Eee PC S101 (that was leaked as a possible model number previously) it's a 10-inch netbook with a choice of a 32GB or 64GB SSD, which could well be the "ultimate" Eee models that Asus has confirmed as coming soon.

Preliminary specs include an LED-backlit display and an Intel Atom processor in a 2.2cm thick and around 1kg package that comes in coffee brown and white.

The confusion lies in the fact that Asus are said to be considering dropping the "Eee" branding for this model, in order to distinguish it from the lower specced, lower cost Eee models currently on offer.

Reports are pricing the new device, said to be due a September launch, at $699 for the 32GB model and $899 for the 64GB, a considerable price hike on current offerings.