We know Asus are planning an all-in-one, style-led, iMac-esque desktop under the rapidly increasing Eee brand, and it appears some official product shots of the device have somehow been revealed.

Although no spec info came with the pics, the chaps at Laptop mag have been using their powers of deduction from what can be seen in the images to guess the model's capabilities.

Looking to be 19 to 20 inches, the Eee Monitor has a webcam, the usual display controls and, on the right side of the screen, two USB ports and a card reader.

On the back there's four USB ports, two Ethernet ports, three audio ports, while the Denon logo obviously suggests sound supplied by the Japanese hi-fi co.

Other specs previosuly mooted have suggested a built-in TV tuner while the price is said to be around the $500 mark.

This was also shown off at the recent Computex event, although info was fairly hard to come by then as well. We will bring you more info when it all gets a little more official.