Asus has unveiled the new ARES CG6155 desktop PC for gamers.

With a "unique" exterior design apparently inspired by ancient and modern armour with both Eastern and Western influences, the company says the new PC "exudes pure power".

Asus says the ARES is equipped with the most advanced quad-core CPUs, three-way SLI graphic cards and extreme factory over-clocking that boosts CPU performance by up to 33%.

Additionally, there's a Blu-ray optical disc drive, high-definition audio and DDRIII memory. Excellent stability is promised thanks to the machine's Dual Power and customised liquid cooling modules.

This Dual Power design supports up to 2 kilowatts of power - claiming to provide greater stability and non-stop sustainability for intensive gaming demands than competing solutions that average only 1 kilowatt in power.

Other specs include up to 4TB HDD, Windows Vista Ultimate and the machine comes with a gaming keyboard, mouse, mouse pad and headset.