RM has announced the launch of a new range of Windows-based RM Asus "miniBooks" that might be familiar to those in a non-education environment as the Asus Eee 900 range.

RM says at a price point of just over £200 "many schools can now achieve their ambition of offering one to one computing to all students".

The 8.9-inch RM Asus miniBook offers 12GB storage and a 1GB memory, a bigger screen than the 7-inch original, a higher resolution webcam and sports a multi-touch mouse pad which allows for enhanced scrolling.

Tim Pearson, CEO of RM said "The miniBooks have proved a popular choice since launch and we are very excited to be expanding our range to include the Windows version".

Installed initially with Windows XP Home, schools can also upgrade to XP Pro and enable network connection within schools using Windows. Pricing for the 7-inch miniBook is £225, with the 8.9-inch miniBook at £285.

In comparison, the consumer price for the Asus Eee 900 in the UK is "from" £329.