We're excited to have received the official UK press info from Asus about the new Eee models they are showcasing at the CeBIT tech event in Germany.

We're less excited about the claim in the press release that the Eee "makes it easy for housewives, office ladies and students alike to carry and connect to the internet".

"Office ladies"? Beg pardon? We're assuming something got lost in translation there, and will instead focus on the news that Asus has revealed sales figures of 350,000 units sold with a projected 3 to 5 million units to be sold this year.

The larger next-gen Eee PC shown at CeBIT has been named the Eee PC 900. This model will offer 1GB of memory, larger storage of up to 12GB, and that wider 8.9-inch screen.

Available from the summer, the Eee PC 900 will cost 399 euros, which directly translates to £306.