Asus chose CeBIT as the venue for the European launch of the Asus Eee PC pre-installed with Windows XP, rather than the Linux-based Xandros build on the already-available models.

Asus say that with the addition of the familiar XP interface, users can better integrate their Eee with current software and applications.

Pre-installed with Windows XP operating system, the XP Eee offers Microsoft "Works" package, which provides applications that include basic word processing, spreadsheet, database management and address books.

In addition to the Windows OS, this version of the Eee will provide built-in access to Windows Live.

This will include Windows Live Mail, Windows Live Messenger, Windows Live Photo Gallery and Windows Live Family Safety, which offers safety features including safer browsing.

"The Eee PC has been a tremendous success since our initial launch in October last year, and feedback gathered from consumers have aided us in providing even greater enhancements with our new range of Eee PCs", said Jonathan Tsang, vice chairman of Asus.

"With the new Windows-based offerings, a greater amount of work ease is expected through full compatibility with Windows applications, while Windows Live and Microsoft Works features will certainly add to greater online interaction and work efficiency."

No UK pricing has yet been confirmed for the XP version, the Linux-based model is on sale now from around £220.