Asus has announced a new mini desktop PC and a 24-inch HD LCD monitor at CES in Las Vegas, but has so far failed to announce an upgrade to its Asus eee laptop.

According to Asus, rather than the much rumoured update to the mini laptop taking centre stage, it will be the company's Nova P22 mini desktop PC instead which first launched in Taiwan in November 2007.

The PC will sport an Intel Core 2 Duo processor, 802.11n connectivity, a pair of built-in speakers housed at the front, Dolby Digital Live or DTS audio support all in a small box.

The MK241 24-inch LCD Monitor offers native HDMI support for HD content, has a built-in webcam, an integrated microphone and speakers.

The Nova P22 will be available through ASUS authorized dealers in North America in late January at an introductory MSRP of $799 USD.

Prices and availability in the UK are to be confirmed.