Although UK consumers may still be struggling to get hold on the first gen version, Asus has revealed it is to launch an updated Eee PC at CES.

A teaser page on the Asus website states: "Join ASUS, Intel and Sprint to learn about the state of WiMAX technology, preview next-generation mobile solutions (including the next generation Eee PC) and immerse yourself in tomorrow’s wireless protocol".

Further to that brief bit of official information that appears to confirm the new device will boast WiMAX connectivity, rumours are also spreading like wildfire through the techblog community about what else the new sub-laptop might feature.

Asian manufacturing sources have suggested that the second-gen Eee will sport a larger screen with 8.9-inches being the rumoured improvement over the current model's 7-inch display.

Other murmurs are that the new model will boast an 8GB memory, and will come as standard with Windows XP, at no sunstantial cost difference to the current Linux-based version.

Pocket-lint will be attending CES and will bring you all the Eee news as it happens, so stay tuned next week for the full details.