Asus is developing a desktop version Eee PC which it hopes to launch in 2008, according to Jonathan Tseng, president of marketing at Asustek, reports DigiTimes.

No further details were revealed about the planned product, other than, true to current Eee PC notebook, it will keep the same pared down philosophy, and will be sold without a display bundled.

Weekly shipments of the Asus Eee PC are currently around 5800 units, and total worldwide shipments have already reached 100,000 units.

With the launch of a Windows XP version in December (rather than the Linux-based version on sale now), Asus' target of 300,000 units is expected to be reached by 2008, said Tseng.

DigiTime reports that the device has come in for criticism for high return rates, but Tseng denied this and stated that the Eee PC's return and malfunction rates are both below 1%.