Asus has confirmed the UK launch details of the Asus Eee PC and has revealed that two versions will launch here on 12th November in either "Pearl White" or "Galaxy Black".

The two choices are the Eee PC 4G for £219 and the Eee PC 2G Surf for £199. The whole philosophy of the tiny new devices is that they make it "Easy to Learn, Work and Play" and claims to offer two modes of intuitive user interface design for "both experienced and inexperienced PC users".

The 7-inch PC weighs in at 0.92kg with flash-based storage capacity, WLAN connectivty and built-in webcam.

Asus says the special solid-state disc design based on built-in flash-memory (2GB or 4GB) gives the Eee PC a great shock-proof advantage over traditional notebook PCs allowing extra flexibility.

The Eee PC is Windows XP compatible but runs Linux and is based on the Xandros build, but it's completely customised by Asus so it's designed to be easy for what you're used too - you can have the OS look like XP, Mac OS X, Vista, or run the customised interface that is like a mobile phone (Series 60-style) with icon-driven menus split up into sections like "Internet", "Work", and "Settings".

The diminutive devices offer up to 3.5 hours battery life, depending on model and will be available from Micro Anvika,, PC World, Toys 'r' us, and Expansys.