Another Computex announcement from today comes in the form of Asus' "shock" announcement of an ultra low cost, ultra mobile laptop.

The result of an Asus/Intel team up, the "Eee PC" will cost as little as $199.

The "Eee" apparently stands for "easy to learn, easy to play, easy to work."

Two models were shown, the $199 version touts a 7-inch screen and a 2GB solid state disk drive. There is a 10-inch screen model that starts from $299.

Both models can run Linux or Microsoft XP, have built-in Wi-Fi and boast a 3 hour battery life.

Part of what Intel has dubbed its "World Ahead" market programme, giving everyone the chance to own a laptop, this announcement is obviously comparable to the OLPC scheme, but the Asus models will be available around the world, rather than just in emerging markets.

We'll provide more information as we have it.