Asus ROG Zephyrus S17 announced, complete with huge 4K 120Hz screen and angled keyboard

Asus latest powerful laptop is the Zephyrus S17, which comes with a 17-inch QHD 165Hz or 4K 120Hz display (image credit: Asus)
It's powered by Intel's latest generation of processors, plus up to three Gen 4 NVMe SSDS but it hides a really cool feature... (image credit: Asus)
The desktop-like keyboard lifts up to a 5-degree angle to make typing more comfortable while optical mechanical keys make it feel like real keys. (image credit: Asus)
This gap between the keys and the body means your palms won't get warm and sweaty in intense gaming sessions. (image credit: Asus)
Despite the size of the display, the laptop is relatively compact at just 1.99cm thick, so you should be able to carry it around quite easily. (image credit: Asus)