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(Pocket-lint) - Fancy playing your Xbox One in your bedroom for just £85? That's now possible thanks to Asus who has just announced a new Windows 10 PC on a stick at IFA in Germany.

The new Asus VivoStick is the company's answer to Intel's Compute Stick and is basically a PC in your pocket that you can connect to any TV or monitor with it's built in HDMI connector.


Using the a new feature in Windows 10, users will be able to turn a spare TV into a screen to access their Xbox One console for a fraction of the price of buying another console or tablet.

Asuswant to play your xbox one in your bedroom for just 85 asus vivostick might be the answer image 3

Running Windows 10 rather than Windows 8, as was the case with the Intel device at launch, the device which is no bigger than a USB storage stick features 2GB of RAM, 32GB of storage, and most importantly two USB ports (1x USB 2.0 and 1x USB 3.0).

It even has space for a headphones jack and can connect to your other devices via Bluetooth 4.0 and 802.11n Wi-Fi.

Powered by an Intel Cherry Trail processor, it's not going to be a hugely powerful machine, but for Xbox gaming you don't need that, all you need is a device that can stream to your console in another room.

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Asus says the new device will coast $129 (£85), however hasn't as yet detailed when the VivoStick will be in the shops. But with its cheap price, if you've got a TV in your bedroom or another room, it looks like you've also got a new way to play your Xbox, or do some work of course.

Writing by Stuart Miles.