Asus tantalised attendees at this year's Computex with a look at its latest Transformer Book the T300 Chi.

The super thin detachable is still "in the works" but we can tell you that the 12.5-inch tablet is set to be the world's thinnest at a mere 7.3mm. When combined with the keyboard it still pretty thin at just 14.3mm.

As is customary, Asus was keeping the newest addition carefully behind glass. However Pocket-lint managed to grab a few shots when it was being shown off to what appeared to be an overseas team member.

Specs are still being finalised, so there's no firm weight as yet but our impromptu model described it as being "extremely light, I was almost questioning if I could be holding a tablet", while staff members, unable to give specifics, said they are aiming to offer a super light Intel-cored companion device which should come in at under a kilo.

The T300 Chi has LTE support and a 2560 x 1440 resolution IPS display.

There's no launch date as yet, but Asus staff said that the aim is to to get it out later in 2014.