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(Pocket-lint) - It's party time. New Year's Eve is almost here and what better way to celebrate 2014 than with a party? The Asus Transformer P1801 will help you do just that.

Music time

There are plenty of music services you can run from the P1801 and whether it's using Android or Windows there is something for everyone.

What's even better is the P1801 comes with the Asus-created SonicMaster audio technology with built-in speakers that will ensure you and your guests hours of great-sounding music come party time.

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Both parts of the P1801 feature speakers and what's really cool is that if you start playing music in Windows 8 it will continue to play even if you take the Android tablet element away. In fact you can continue playing music on the base station and then play different music on the tablet.

Happy New Year

Struggling to see who's on the other end of your smartphone's Skype call? You need the vibrant 18.4-inch display with a Full HD resolution found on the P1801. The large screen is perfect for Skype calling your loved ones on New Year's Eve or Day and means you can easily get the whole family around the screen without crowding.

If Skype's not your thing, then the Android element of the Asus Portable AiO P1801 brings with it Hangouts, WhatsApp and a host of other messaging services including Instagram and Facebook. Keeping in touch with people on the P1801 has never been so easy.

Photo time

If you've got everyone coming to you, then why not set the Asus Portable AiO P1801 as a portable photo studio using Instagram or one of the hundreds of other apps in Android and Windows 8 app stores?

Set up the all-in-one tablet in a spare room or area of your house, supply some props and away you go - just like one of those fun photo booths at corporate events.

The P1801 features a built-in 1-megapixel front-facing camera and a kickstand, and the processing power to edit photos quickly and easily.

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The Asus P1801 Portable AiO is powered by an Nvidia Tegra 3 quad-core processor with 12-core GPU for fast and fluid performance with even the most demanding apps, while hardware video decoding ensures silky smooth playback of Full HD video.

A Micro-USB port means the Asus Portable AiO can also be connected to a desktop keyboard and mouse (a USB adapter is included as well as a wireless keyboard and mouse) so if you've got something that needs to be done and want it done quicker than using your fingers on the screen, then the P1801 has got it covered.

Keeping the kids happy

You can turn the p1801 into a TV centre and keep the kids entertained why the grown-ups party. That's right - while you're partying downstairs your kids can take the P1801 upstairs and watch a movie.

With the Asus Transformer AIO you can access dozens of catch-up services, on-demand services and even TV with the optional TV tuner.

If that wasn't enough, the Asus Transformer AIO features Wireless WiDi technology allowing it to stream content from the tablet to any smart TV in your house or a friend's house. The regular TV in your home just got the ability to do so much more.

If that wasn't enough to help you brag about the P1801's home entertainment kids' entertainment centre, the P1801 also has a 2TB hard drive to store loads of movies and shows.

With its flexibility, stylish quirkiness and its all-in-one capabilities, the Transformer AIO will unquestionably bring a little spice to your home this Christmas. Asus is giving you the chance to nominate a loved one to receive the Transformer as a gift - just nominate them here.