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(Pocket-lint) - Imagine that Christmas is done. You've eaten the turkey, the stuffing, and all the trimmings. But before you get into the spirit of New Year's Eve, there are plenty of ways to enjoy your new, all-singing, all-dancing Asus Transformer AIO P1801. 

Browse for holiday deals from the sofa

Clambering around a tiny smartphone screen isn't really that cool is it? And sadly a lot of flight and holiday websites just aren't geared up for it either. No, if you’re going to be shopping for a holiday to escape from our hideous winter, you want an 18.4-inch Full HD IPS panel for a more fulfilling viewing experience. 

The IPS display technology gives the Asus Transformer AIO P1801 a 178-degree wide viewing angle, so what’s on screen won’t disappear or distort, even when viewed from the side. And because the Transformer AIO P1801 is both a Windows 8 desktop PC and an Android tablet all-in-one, you can simply remove this glorious screen from the base station, and use it in Tablet mode, huddled around on the sofa, the kitchen table or anywhere else you care to hold it. You can take it anywhere – even on holiday!

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In mobile tablet mode you get all the benefits of a fully-fledged Android 4.2 tablet, powered by an Nvidia Tegra 3 quad-core processor, and that means lots of holiday apps, and of course the web. And with 10-point touch capabilities, the Asus Transformer AIO P1801 makes it simple to scroll and zoom world maps to find out where to go. The battery lasts up to five hours too, so you'll have plenty of time to mull over exactly where to go, and where to spend that cheeky extra night before returning to work. 

Check out the sales

If the sofa sounds too social, why not take the Transformer AIO P1801 to bed and hit the Boxing Day sales while snuggled up under your duvet, rather than having to venture outside in the wet and cold? Thanks to the built-in, high-speed Wi-Fi technology, connecting to your home network is simple. And you can even use Bluetooth to connect to devices such as wireless speakers, or your phone, so you can shop while listening to some relaxing tunes.

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The Transformer AIO P1801 also comes with the Asus SuperNote app for Android, which lets you doodle, draw and type on the high-quality 18.4-inch multi-touch display. You can use the app to note down all the top deals, and you can add photos, video, and even sound clips to create personal messages or shopping lists for saving and sharing.

With over 700,000 Android apps available for download from the Google Play Store, you’ll never be stuck for something to keep you busy on the Asus Transformer AIO P1801. There’s full support for social networks too, so it’s easy to keep up-to-date and stay in touch with friends.

Last minute homework

But there’s so much more to the Transformer AIO P1801 than the Android tablet, because it’s also a complete Microsoft Windows 8 desktop PC, powered by a third-generation Intel Core processor. The desktop mode can be used in conjunction with the 18.4in screen, or you can use the desktop base station entirely separately too, connected to a desktop keyboard and mouse (both included) and a separate screen. This means the kids can be busy doing their homework before they head back to school in the new year, storing their work on the huge 2TB hard disk drive, while you carry on shopping using the tablet. 

Passing the time catching up on TV you missed

With shopping done, it’s time to catch up on all the Christmas TV that you missed. Thankfully, the Asus Transformer AIO P1801 is here to save the day again, and feed your need to binge on trash TV - either live TV with the optional TV tuner module, or simply streamed from the internet. All this means there’s no need to upgrade to a smart TV. The Asus Transformer AIO features Wireless WiDi technology that allows you to control your viewing experience and TV schedule. You can even stream iPlayer, Netflix, Now TV and many more on-demand services directly to your existing HD TV. No arguments over the remote this year.

And if you prefer to leave the TV off, and instead listen to all the new music you were given as Christmas gifts, the Transformer AIO P1801 is ready to serve once again. The SonicMaster audio technology and built-in speakers guarantees hours of sweet-sounding entertainment. And if you switch from the desktop mode to the Android tablet mode, the base station will continue to play your music. Whether you choose to make the most of the Windows 8 Xbox music or Google play, Asus SonicMaster technology will be music to your ears.

With its flexibility, stylish quirkiness and unmatched all-in-one capabilities, the Asus Transformer AIO P1801 will unquestionably bring a little spice to your home this Christmas. Asus is giving you the chance to nominate a loved one to receive this amazing device as a gift - just nominate them here.