Every Christmas we can all hold our hands up for being a little guilty of spending over the odds on festive food and drink. Year after year, we promise ourselves that next time we won’t go over the top, yet the mountains of turkey sandwiches feeding us right through to the new year remind us we did get a little carried away. Again.

And now it’s not just the food and drink which is bought in bulk - it’s the gadgets, gizmos and latest mod cons given out to keep the whole family happy. But wouldn’t it make everything that bit easier and cheaper if one device had it all?

This is where the Asus Transformer AIO P1801 steps in. It’s different; it’s not just a tablet or just a desktop. To put it simply, it’s both. The Asus Transformer is a full-fat Windows 8 desktop PC powered by a third-generation Intel Core processor and an Android tablet All-in-One. This product boasts three modes - the desktop mode, the remote desktop mode, and the Android tablet mode - all making this product uniquely flexible and perfect for your whole family.

Being surrounded by family and friends is the most important part of Christmas, but sometimes circumstances get in the way. For the Asus Transformer AIO, distance is no issue. With its large 18.4 inch screen, kickstand support and Android technology, the ASUS Transformer AIO is perfect for those special Skype moments, allowing the whole family to gather around and share Christmas. The quality of the screen will make you feel like they’re with you in person.

Travelling to see your loved ones this year? Already dreading those long Christmas journeys with fidgety kids, dull scenery and over-played radio songs? It doesn’t need to be this way. Switch the Asus Transformer AIO to the Android tablet mode and there is no need for another dismal journey ever again. The Asus AIO Transformer lets you seamlessly remove the tablet from the docking station, allowing you to take your favourite songs and entertainment with you wherever you go.

With the Asus Transformer AIO there is no need to rush into upgrading to a smart TV. The Asus Transformer AIO features Wireless WiDi technology that means you can be in control of your viewing experience, allowing you to take control of your TV schedule. With the ability to connect the two devices it opens up online viewing possibilities that enable you to stream iPlayer, Netflix, Now TV and many more on-demand services directly to your existing HD TV. No arguments over the remote this year.

Once Christmas dinner is polished off and your guests are merrily winding down for the evening, the triple modes of the Asus Transformer AIO will effortlessly support you in your hosting skills. Each mode allows you to move swiftly around the house with the entertainment staying right by your side. Whether you’re in the kitchen, bedroom, or living room, the Transformer AIO can adapt to your every move.

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The Transformer AIO boasts SonicMaster audio technology with built-in speakers that will guarantee you and your guest’s hours of sweet-sounding entertainment. And if you switch from the desktop mode to the Android tablet mode, the base station will continue to play your music. Whether you choose to make the most of the Windows 8 Xbox music or Google play, The SonicMaster technology will be music to your ears.

With its flexibility, stylish quirkiness and its all-in-one capabilities, the Transformer AIO will unquestionably bring a little spice to your home this Christmas. Asus is giving you the chance to nominate a loved one to receive the Transformer as a gift - just nominate them here.