Asus has announced the UK price for the Transformer Book T100, originally unveiled at the Intel Developers Forum in August, and it's a bargain at £349.

The two-in-one 10-inch tablet-meets-laptop comes loaded with full Windows 8.1 - no mucking around with Windows RT here - and can be used as a netbook-like device or, via the press of a button, released into its 10-inch tablet form.

The £349 cost is pushing the price point hard to make it the cheapest Windows 8.1 device out there. Very accessible indeed.

But that's not all. At the Asus UK event this Halloween, the Taiwanese company also unveiled that it's Transformer Book Trio - the dual-function Windows 8.1 and Android device which we saw back at Computex 2013 - will land at an equally appealing £899.

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How's that for shaking the Windows market up? Looks like another hammer to the nail in the Windows RT coffin to us too.