Jerry Shen, the Asus chief exec, was invited on stage in San Francisco for the day two keynote of the Intel Developers Forum 2013, where he revealed a new product: the Asus Transformer Book T100 two-in-one.

Intel has just unveiled Bay Trail architecture, the mobility targeted architecture that will bring greater power with less power consumption, and that's what the T100 will employ under the hood.

The Windows 8.1 two-in-one device merges a laptop-like device with a quick-release button used to separate the screen and keyboard for a tablet experience.

The design isn't exactly new stuff though: Asus already makes Android and Windows 8 devices such as the Transformer Pad, and Transformer Book T300 - clearly where the T100 takes its cues from.

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Full specs aren't yet known, as Shen was off the stage like a flash. He later revealed a press conference will unveil the T100 in full, so we'll have to wait for full details to spill from that event.