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(Pocket-lint) - Asus has told Pocket-lint that it expects its tablet sales to outperform its laptop sales in 2013 in the UK, as more and more people look to ditch their laptop in favour of the more-portable tablet.

The news - which shows how far tablets have come in the past couple of years - is down to a number of factors, Asus told Pocket-lint.

Asus admits that the company's range of tablets - lead by the Nexus 7 - are considerably cheaper than its laptop alternatives, and that means upgrade cycles have come down from around tow-three years for a laptop to 12 -18 months for a tablet.

The Nexus 7 is also helping Asus. Sales in the UK in Q4 were above expectations, the company has confirmed to Pocket-lint, and it hopes to continue that success through the first half of the year with the award-winning tablet.

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But Asus is also hoping that it can emulate the success with its Windows 8 range of VivoTab tablets.

It's just announced the £399 VivoTab ME400, an Intel Atom-powered device that is smaller, lighter, and more powerful than the Microsoft Surface. Coming with an optional Bluetooth keyboard, if it is as half as successful as the Nexus 7, the company will have a real hit on its hands.

In comparison Asus's laptop range is starting to look a bit expensive with the touchscreen Zenbook and Tachi offering plenty of tech, but at a high price.

Commentators are already calling the death of the netbook, is the laptop about to be added to that list as well?

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