The Asus Transformer AiO lays to rest rumours of a dual operating system machine - the AiO will run both Windows 8 and Android.

That's right, Asus claims the AiO can switch between the two "seamlessly" and "instantly" - despite suffering a few Win8-related hitches on stage at the Computex show's big unveil. As the machine boots up, the Android "tag on" is most likely rooted into the windows system - although full details are still sketchy.

asus transformer aio dual os system official image 2

The Transformer AiO takes no prisoners in the size department either: the 18.4-inch iMac-esque machine, like its other Transformer cousins, can detach from its main keyboard which makes for one whopping-great tablet. Yup, a full 18.4-inches of tablet. Or, and more sensibly, the screen can be used as a wireless display. Clever stuff.

Under the hood there's Intel's latest Ivy Bridge processor for the utmost power and, we suspect, bags of RAM and other goodies - though, again, Asus is currently tight-lipped about the full specification.

Double the fun or double the trouble?