Asus has called upon the Ice-power team at Bang & Olufsen to come up with SonicMaster sound for the Asus N series laptops. The N73JN and N53JN - differing by 17.3" and 15.6" screen sizes respectively - incorporate large speaker chambers, more powerful amplifiers and extensive software processing to deliver breathtaking audio fidelity.

Both machines, as well as their high quality sound performance, should display movies and games pretty well too, due to the Intel i5-520M chips (there's also an i3 option for the N53JN), 4GB of RAM and Nvidia GeForce 315M or 400M 3D graphics including the Optimus auto-switching option

First in the photo gallery is the N73J with the Blu-ray drive on the right hand side and media keys on the chassis. The latter collection if the N53J with the optical unit on the left and no media keys at all. The speaker array on both sits under the grill running across at the hinge and the results were pretty impressive as notebook sound goes.

Prices for the Asus N53JN are between £649 and £999 depending on your exact specifications, and the N73JN will set you back £1099 - there is no customisation to be done with this one.