Asus is working on a netbook that includes a slot for loading in a mobile phone module. The machine could then solve the issue of having separate data plans over multiple devices.

The plan, which is similar to the existing idea from Israeli mobile manufacturer Modu where a mobile module, can be loaded into various different mobile phone casings. The idea is that the Modu module could be loaded into a netbook - eliminating the need for a mobile broadband dongle and, with the inclusion of a Modu mobile phone casing, the module could also be used as a primary mobile phone.

Andrew Tse, of Purely Gadgets, told The Inquirer, that he thought it was a great idea: "If you don't want to take the netbook out for the evening you just pull out the phone and take that", he said.

We think it's a pretty good idea too - particularly as people are increasingly spreading their data across multiple devices. If Apple was to produce a module that fit both the iPad and the iPhone (and an Apple netbook for that matter) then it would not only revolutionise data plans for ever, it would save us all a pretty penny every month. Chances are, it won't though.