Asus has rolled out another model in its "Republic Of Gamers" line of gaming machines. The latest is the G73, which Asus reckons has "an understated, subtly aggressive design inspired by the iconic and unsurpassed stealth fighter".

Inside, there's a fair bit of heft - an Intel Core i7-820QM processor, an ATI Radeon HD5870 graphics card, and support for a massive 16GB of DDR3 system memory. 8GB comes as standard. There's 1TB of storage space, and one-click overclocking if you're still suffering from iffy framerates, even after all that.

Of course, the downsides are the price and weight. It'll cost a massive £1900 when it's released in early April, and weigh you down around 3.85kg - a not-inconsiderable amount. Still, if you don't mind not moving it around too much, like the stealth fighter looks, and have deep pockets, it could be the gaming laptop for you.