How to do you try and make the Eee PC sexy once again? You bring in an internationally renowned designer of course.

In steps the Eee PC Seashell Karim Rashid Collection, where Asus has given the designer free reign to create what he wanted (probably within limits).

The end result is a waffle style effect that is "one that is more sensual, more human, and ultimately more hip", according to Asus.

Supposedly, Karim’s "inspired touch is evident in every inch of these ultra slim and light netbooks, from the fluid waves of the exterior design to the advanced soft-to-the-touch materials that will redefine how people perceive netbooks".

Available in titillating pink (pictured) and coffee brown, the specs are the usual Atom processor and Windows 7.

But with something so touchly feely, you don't care about that do you?

Expect US and UK availability shortly.