Some enterprising sleuths on the Applesana message boards have spotted that in the latest build of OS X there's a reference to a version 6 of the Macbook Pro. Current Pros are version 5.5. It's being suggested that these machines will feature the same Core i5 and Core i7 processors that are in the current generation of iMacs.

9to5Mac points out that in the past, "Apple has traditionally used the same processors in iMacs and high end MacBook/Powerbooks". The site claims that it's heard that there will be deliveries of new Macbook Pros to Apple stores that'll coincide with the deliveries of the new iMacs.

There's also a whole set of new dual core Intel chips that are due soon and support hyper-threading (making each core act like two). They'll also have the ability to power down one core while overclocking the other - if you're running a single, particularly intense, application for example. It's entirely possible that Apple may get early access to these chips. When we have something firmer and can report on the subject, we'll let you know.