iFixit has followed up its teardown of the new unibody MacBook with similar treatments for both the new touch Apple Magic Mouse and the 27-inch iMac.

As far as the mouse goes, the guys report no fairy dust, just from the Apple logo and "a lot of capacitive touch sensors".

The new gargantuan iMac is revealed to have the biggest power supply ever seen in an iMac, as well as three large fans and two "huge" heatsinks.

In addition, the Wi-Fi antenna leads into the Apple logo on the rear of the iMac, the only spot on the rear of the machine that isn't solid aluminium. "It's quite a clever design, and while it's an obvious place to put it, we've never seen Apple do this before", says iFixit.

Head over to iFixit now for an in-depth look at the two new Apple products, with tech spec and photos galore...