Apple has revived the standard MacBook, giving a new entry into the Mac world. Based around a polycarbonate unibody design, the new white MacBook adopts much of the design ethos found in its MacBook Pro big brothers.

With a 13-inch LED-backlit display, featuring edge-to-edge glass, its innards are similar to previous generation unibody MacBooks, featuring an Intel Core 2 Duo 2.26GHz processor, 2GB RAM, an Nvidia GeForce 9400M GPU and 250GB hard drive.

It also features Apple's new built-in battery which purports to give 7 hours of use and of course features Apple's glass multi-touch trackpad.

The design is slightly fatter than its 13-inch aluminium friends, with curved edges giving it a nice rounded finish. The bottom also loses the feet, instead the entire bottom is a tactile mat, giving grip on whatever you put it on.

You still get the Superdrive and in terms of ports you have Gigabit Ethernet, 2x USB 2.0, Mini DisplayPort and a headphone socket, which is both in audio input and output.

Available now, it will set you back £799.