Apple's plastic MacBooks, which haven't been changed since May 2006, are due to get a refresh if rumours are accurate.

AppleInsider is reporting that the entry-level machines, which are the best-selling Macs ever, will be getting a design overhaul in the coming months that'll make them slimmer, lighter, and with a brand new internal structure. They'll complement the Aluminium unibody Macs.

At the moment there's only one version of the plastic MacBook, which sosts £750, but comes with rather woeful specs - just 2GB of memory and a 160GB hard disk. Analysts believe that the range will be diversified and more will be offered at higher and lower prices.

It's been suggested that Apple has been hurt by Microsoft's "Laptop Hunters" adverts, which show consumers finding Windows laptops that perform just as well as Apple ones for considerably less cash. That could well be the reason for Apple's newfound focus on the low end of the market.