Mac clone maker Psystar, currently involved in a legal battle with Apple, has emerged from Chapter 11 bankruptcy to offer new Mac-esque hardware.

The company, that makes unauthorised PCs running Apple's operating system, is offering a new high-end Open(7) based on Intel's Nehalem Xeon platform and running pre-loaded OS X.

MacRumours reports the company has issued the following statement:

"As you all may already be aware in late May, Psystar filed for Chapter 11 protection. Although this was critical to our continued daily operations, we now are ready to emerge and again battle Goliath".

"More information will be available in the coming days when we will be formally discharged by the Bankruptcy court. When life gives you apples, make apple sauce".

Apple's case against Psystar sees the cloning company violating its End User License of Leopard on non Apple-branded hardware, while Psystar says Apple "stretches copyright laws".