Psystar might be in a heated court battle with Apple over the use of the Apple Mac OS X operating system, but that hasn't stopped the Mac clone company releasing a new Open Computer model on Tuesday.

According to the company the new model, the Open (3), will be "Smaller, Faster and Sexier" and now include Intel's E7400 Core2Duo processor running at 2.8GHz that is over 50% faster than the previous processor used.

Phasing out the mini-tower the company has opted for a "slim form-factor" making it 47% smaller.

The standard configuration now includes a 500GB SATA hard drive, and GeForce 8400GS video card with 256MB of dedicated video memory, which are both improved from the previous models.

Optional equipment includes an 802.11n wireless adapter, Firewire card, and an all-in-one card reader which reads popular removable media such as SD cards, Compact Flash, and Sony's Memory Stick formats.

The new Open(3) will come with Mac OS X, the same as its predecessors, and starts at $599 in the US. No UK pricing as been detailed as yet.

Psystar has also refreshed the OpenPro with a rack mount chassis and bootable RAID options. It has also upgraded the standard configuration to include a 1TB SATA hard drive, 8 gigabytes of system memory and dual-DVI GeForce 9500 video card with 512MB of dedicated video memory. It will start at $1154.99.

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