An Apple PowerBook laptop has dramatically exploded in the London offices of a marketing company.

The company's IT manager has told what happened:

"When I got there, much of the smoke has dissipated and nothing much was happening. I picked up the notebook to investigate, and turned it over. Soon after I put it down again, it basically exploded. Flames were flying six feet in the air, and sparks".

It seems the "six feet" high flames were hard to extinguish with the company's fire marshal emptying around half of an extinguisher on the laptop, but to no avail:

"When he stopped using it, it just fired up again", said the IT manager. "He used the rest if the extinguisher on it but the laptop was still hot and glowing and the battery was all molten inside and glowing red".

The 3- or 4-year-old laptop has now been taken away "for investigation".