Apple launching a MacBook with built-in mobile broadband connectivity is the "next logical step", claims an analyst.

Strategy Analytics analyst Neil Mawston says that "many operators in the US and Western Europe would jump at the chance to cross-sell a cellular MacBook to their installed base of iPhone users, in order to stimulate average revenue per user".

This follows recent rumours that Apple is planning to offer MacBooks bundled with broadband deals through O2 - the UK operator for the iPhone.

"Mobile data and Web-browsing revenues from 3.5G USB dongles are rising fast in Western Europe and North America. They are a high-growth market", Mawston told Register Hardware.

"Bigger-screen or smaller-screen laptops with integrated cellular radios are a logical next step for Apple - and others", he said. "Such form-factors are within Apple's core competence and they could be quickly developed."

Mawston said he believes this will be Apple's "next move" and predicts a possible MacWorld announcement in January.