Psystar, the company that is current being sued by Apple for selling PCs with unofficial versions of Apple's operating system, OSX has reacted to the news by countersuing.

In what appears to be fast becoming a tit-for-tat exchange the computer maker that made the headlines earlier in the year is claiming that Apple are restraining trade, practicing unfair competition as well as the usual violations of antitrust laws.

"We're alleging restraint of trade, among other things", Colby Springer, an attorney representing Psystar told a press conference. "We're going to let the court decide."

Psystar says that while it sells computers that run the Apple OS, it has only modified parts of the code that are open source to allow the software to run on its desktop computers.

"There is no modification of any proprietary code of Apple's", he claimed.

We will keep you posted.