There are new rumours circulating about what the forthcoming autumn refresh for Apple's MacBook line might bring.

Seth Weintraub of the Apple, Ink blog reports that the "talk amongst insiders" appears to confirm earlier rumours that the laptops will be greener, leaner and will get glass multi-touch trackpads. Weintraub states:

- The new models are thinner than current MacBook and MacBook Pros and slightly more rounded, taking design cues from the MacBook Air.
- The trackpad is glass, multi-touch and uses gestures. The screen isn’t multi-touch.
- The body is manufactured out of one piece of aluminum. Eco-friendly, yet sturdy. Manufacturing process is completely different.
- Release date: Last week(s) of September.

Other suggestions are that the new offerings will get the new Intel Centrino 2 chips and will boast slightly bigger screen sizes of 14- and 15.6-inches. We will keep you informed.

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