Virgin Atlantic air travellers who opt to use an Apple MacBook, MacBook Pro or MacBook Air are being left out when it comes to working in the sky Pocket-lint has learnt.

Although the airline advertises that its customers can power their laptop in the air, Richard Branson's fleet has yet to get around to updating the power options for Apple laptop customers.

The news means thousands of MacBook and MacBook Pro travellers are being left out in the cold unable to work longer than their battery dictates.

The airline offers business travellers a power cable and tip for laptops with a large majority of PC laptops covered, however when it comes to Apple, only older PowerBook users can benefit.

Apple changed its power cable in 2007 with the introduction of the MacBook and MacBook Pro. The power cable tip features a magnet it in so it holds onto the laptop, while at the same time not damaging it if it's pulled on.

UPDATE: Virgin has got in touch with Pocket-lint to clarify some of the points in our article. Here is its response:

“Unlike other airlines, Virgin Atlantic offers passengers power connectivity to thousands of different laptop types. Unfortunately Apple has not yet licensed their power connector so Virgin Atlantic would not be able to offer this. However, as is evident from the responses, most people that wish to use their Apple Macbook when they are travelling have purchased an Apple adaptor, which allows them to work onboard flights without using their battery power.

“Virgin Atlantic is always looking to offer its passengers the best
connectivity in the skies and will continue to introduce new innovations and connections as and when they become available to us.”

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