"Golden Age" is the name of this new, er, product, the world's first Apple MacBook Air to be fully crystallised with 12,000 "dazzling" Swarovski elements.

The reason it looks so darn shiny is that the crystals are specially coated with 24k gold from underneath so that the transparent crystals can reflect the true gold colour.

Inspired by a traditional Japanese pattern, each "Golden Age" takes a week to create as each crystal is apparently painstakingly applied one at a time on to the hand-painted surface.

With a limited edition of only 20 pieces worldwide this is described as "undoubtedly the ultimate luxury treat for the person who thought they had everything". Aside from taste or sense, clearly.

The "Golden Age" is getting a CeBIT debut, but will be shown also at Selfridges, Oxford Street, where the department store will sell one of the 20 "Golden Age" notebooks as of 18th March.

Don't all rush at once.