So far in 2008, Apple has launched a product every single Tuesday - their traditional day for announcing new stuff. It seems today could well be the day the MacBook Pro line-up gets a considerable upgrade.

Although the 26th was rumoured to be the launch date for the iPhone SDK, reports have suggested that this is delayed until March, but other new products are due so as not to break Apple's new-launch-every-week-onslaught.

7 January says the MacBook Pros get a slight refresh, 15 January was Macworld that launched Apple TV "take 2" among other things, 22 Jan was that pink nano in time for Valentine's, 29 Jan was the date the MacBook Air started shipping and the introduction of the new UK iPhone tariffs.

Into February and the 5th saw the iPod touch and iPhone memory upgrades, 12 February introduced Aperture 2 and the 19th gave us the larger capacity iPod shuffle.

Leaked information from various American retailers, such as Best Buy, has revealed new part numbers suggesting three upgraded MacBook Pro systems.

Prices show as the same as current US models, but the new notebooks are expected to boast Intel's Penryn processors, which are built with a 45nm manufacturing process.

Other changes expected are a multi-touch trackpad, such as seen on the Air and iPhone-esque in interface.

There will be plenty of Apple watchers keeping an eye on the online store today, for that familiar yellow "back soon" post-it, and we'll keep you informed as soon as we know more...