Rumours had been flying around the internet that two PC manufacturers had put in an order for the same Intel CPU that the MacBook Air is built around.

And now CNET, among others, has reported that these two companies are Fujitsu and Lenovo.

Nothing has been leaked of the systems that will use the CPU but online reports suggest that they will be rolled out "shortly".

Electronista suggests that the PCs are expected to offer "a blend between the thinner and smaller designs of ultra-portables and the performance of a standard notebook".

It continues: "The chips in use by Apple are clocked slower than most Intel mobile chips at 1.6GHz and 1.8GHz but include the 4MB of Level 2 cache from faster processors and consume much less power on average than current full-size chips".

News has already been leaked from Lenovo of the X300, which bloggers are comparing to the MacBook Air.

But while everyone will be waiting to see what turns up from Lenovo and Fujitsu, Intel's Montevina notebook platform is also on its way and smaller, thinner designs are expected to be amongst the line-up.