Over the weekend the tech blogosphere has whipped itself up into a frenzy over just what it is that Apple will launch at this year's Macworld event.

Steve Jobs is due to give his keynote speech at the Macworld Expo at 5pm on Tuesday 15th January, the opening day of the show, and rumours are rife as to what he will announce.

Tales of a super-slim, ultra-portable MacBook have been circulating for months now, but as is to be expected nearer the time, more details are emerging to flesh out the picture.

First up AppleInsider published photographs of what they describe as "non-descript Apple teaser banners" that have been spotted at San Francisco's Moscone Center, the site of next week's event.

With the "2008. There's something in the air" slogan revealed, it fits perfectly with 9to5Mac's revelations that the new slimline laptop will be called the "MacBook Air" and have the tagline "cables not included".

It is only speculation as to exactly what cables might not be included (with built-in WiMAX connectivity, Wireless USB, or even induction charging being touted as possible) some maintain that the MacBook Air, or even AirMac as it's being dubbed, refers only to the device's ultra lightweight design.

Pocket-lint will be providing live coverage of Steve Jobs' keynote on Tuesday 15th, so tune back in at 5pm on the day for the full revelations.

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