Wall Street analyst Scott Moritz has gone on camera over at TheStreet.com to announce that Apple has a surprise product launch planned for 26th October.

It has been confirmed that Apple's new operating system, codenamed Leopard, will launch at 6pm on that date, but no other product announcements are expected.

Moritz states, without citing any sources, that a new version of a 13-inch notebook, an ultra-portable, will debut on that day.

No hardware information is given, other that the fact that the notebook will be "sleeker" and have an aluminium finish like the MacBook Pros.

It's uncertain if this is a refresh of the MacBook line, or the fabled ultra slim, ultra-ultra portable we've heard rumoured from Apple for a while.

Engadget has looked into Moritz's credentials as an Apple-expert and it seems his past record is not that strong, so don't hold your breath - although a surprise announcement of some sort is not out of the question.