With all the furore over the iPhone in the UK launch dying down, you might be forgiven for thinking that things would be a little quieter on the Apple rumour front, but no, we've got some exciting Apple gossip to impart.

9to5Mac, the site that not only correctly predicted the line up for the new iPod range, but provided on-the-money product shots (well, before Apple legal made them take them down) are reporting on some new Apple laptops.

Intriguingly, they say that they


they are MacBooks, but aren't "100%" sure that they're not the much rumoured, and never produced, ultra-ultra-slimline super portable form factor, that they call the "Pro slim line".

Elaborating on the info received, they are said to black aluminum and silver aluminum like MacBook Pros, they are described as "considerably slimmer" than current MacBooks with a screen that "reaches much closer to the edges".

The keyboards resemble Apple's new Bluetooth keyboard and we are teased with the news that there is "something strange about the touchpad" (our guess: iPhone-esque) and perhaps the best news of all they are apparently set to be priced "extremely aggressively".

With spy pictures promised soon, this rumour will only grow. Keep it here for more MacBook rumours/news as it breaks...