Apple rumours relating to the overdue iMac revamp have touted a possible date for the relaunch.

"Reliable sources" are predicting announcement on August 7.

Apple's iMac computers have not had an major update since January 2006.

The rumours go further than just dating the announcement, they also offer an insight into what we might be able to look forward to from the new models.

Not the first time this has been put forward, but that brushed aluminium enclosure is getting talked up again.

Also, skinny dimensions of only 2-inches thick, sizes are said to be 17, 20 and 24 inch and the keyboard is apparently getting a major redesign.

The speculation deepens with chatter that Apple will release its next-generation iLife suite at the same time to increase the iMac's appeal.

The new version of iLife was not expected until Leopard is on sale, later this year.

Another site, another anonymous source, another rumour - but independently stating that same August 7th date predicts not only new iMacs but a new video iPod.

"Sources" indicate that the new video iPod will be shorter and wider with a larger screen and less space between the screen and the click wheel.

Only time will tell, Apple-lovers...