One for the Apple rumour-hounds this Friday is an article from AppleInsider claiming that the Mac mini will soon become obsolete.

Poor sales and, for want of a better way of phrasing it, lack of interest from Apple themselves are deemed to be the reasons that the site states: "Ladies and gentlemen, AppleInsider believes in all sincerity that the Mac mini is dead".

The Mac mini was introduced in 2005. At the time the hype surrounding the launch saw the diminutive product as being the form factor that would see a Mac in every lounge.

With a low price point (partly helped by the fact that you had to buy everything else you might need to use the thing seperately) a tiny footprint and living-room friendly minimalist design, the Mac mini was brought out to compete against cheap small form factor PCs.

AppleInsider are claiming that the Apple TV product is pretty much a next-gen Mac mini and having two similar products does not good Apple sense make.

We shall see … we'll bring you news as we hear it.