Apple is about to launch 8-Core Mac Pros within the next few days.

The news, although not officially announced by Apple, was leaked by a bunder made by the Apple UK store team.

For a short period, customers searching for "Mac" in the UK Apple Store, received this message:

"Mac Pro
Now quad-core or 8-core processing power.
Configure yours today."

Apple however quickly reacted when word got out about the mistake, however not before a number of websites managed to get a screengrab.

Rumours that the computer maker would be offering two of Intel's Quad-core chips in a Mac Pro to produce an 8-core Mac Pro have been ongoing since late last year.

We spoke to Apple to see if they would confirm or deny the leak. The company's reply: "We have not released anything at this moment in time".

We will keep you posted as to an official release.