Yet another Apple rumour goes unfilled. According to reliable sources Apple was rumoured to be launching a consumer friendly version of its MacBook Pro laptop on Yesterday to replace the iBook.

The new laptop, which is expected to come with a 13-inch 1280 x 720 screen may also come in a range of different colours just like the original iBook never showed up.
Not wanting to be out done and shown up, rumour sites, ThinkSecret, AppleInsider and MacRumours are all suggesting that "The next date being targeted is May 16th, 2006. (aka "Next Tuesday")".

Apple's last web mishap (iWeb) predated the iWeb announcement by 5 days.

While some of the sites mentioned above claim that the delay was due to stock shortages, others believe that Apple was never planning on launching the laptop today knowing that Microsoft, Nintendo and Sony would all be announcing what was happening with the upcoming next generation of consoles.