Rumours have surfaced that Apple is about to launch a consumer friendly version of its MacBook Pro laptop on Tuesday to replace the iBook.

The new laptop which is expected to come with a 13-inch 1280 x 720 screen may also come in a range of different colours just like the original iBook.

In early April Think Secret claimed that Apple has begun manufacturing a 13-inch laptop that would be launched in the next 30-60 days.

The rumour mill stepped up a gear this afternoon eagle eyes spotted that the a link on Apple's website to its iPod webpage was damaged.

Instead of showing details of Apple's iPod range, it showed a reference to "MacBook" rather than "MacBook Pro". The link has since been fixed.

is further adding to the rumours by suggesting that an unverified anonymous source claims that Apple stores are receiving materials for a new window display that's labelled "do not open until Tuesday, May 9th."

The source also claims that Apple has directed its stores to push iBook sales this weekend, presumably to clear out inventory.