Apple may have announced that it is shipping its new MacBook Pro notebook in the UK, but that's not what its website is saying.

According to the Apple Store in the UK both the newly updated 1.83Ghz and 2Ghz Intel Core Duo machines have a shipping backlog of 3-4 weeks.

This would mean that the new MacBook Pro's aren't going to be available to customers until the beginning of March, a far cry from the usual “Announce today, Ship tomorrow” mentally of normal Apple products - especially as Steve Jobs announced the notebook back in January.

We are awaiting confirmation from Apple as to why the MacBook Pro's are out of stock so quickly or whether or not they never came into stock in the first place.

Either way if you've got a letter from Apple telling you your new computer has been delayed or in fact you are reading this on your new MacBook Pro, we would love to hear from you via our feedback form.