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(Pocket-lint) - Apple's website says that the pricey new monitor is compatible with a wide range of Macs, and some iPads too, but there's no mention of non-Apple products.

Given that the new Studio Display uses Thunderbolt 3, you'd assume capable Windows devices could take advantage of the monitor too.

The Verge reports that this is indeed the case and when plugged into a Windows PC the monitor will act as you would expect along with its built-in webcam and speakers.

However, expect some caveats, the website states that "Studio Display camera features and firmware updates require connection to a Mac".

While Apple confirmed that the webcam would appear like a normal USB camera, software features like Center Stage won't be available.

The other MacOS related features won't be available either, including Spatial Audio and Siri functionality.

If you regularly switch between a MacBook for work and a PC for gaming, the Studio Display may have just gotten a lot more appealing.

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It's important to check the Thunderbolt 3 specs of your machine though (if it supports it in the first place) as many devices can't cope with outputting a 5K 60Hz signal.

For most PC users, the lack of firmware update support is likely going to be a dealbreaker.

In that case, we'd recommend looking at the MSI Prestige 341WU or LG Ultrafine 5K instead. Although we must admit, neither are quite as pretty as the Apple model.

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