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(Pocket-lint) - Some early rumours pointed to a potential spring 2022 release for a new iMac Pro with a mini-LED display, but it appears to have been delayed.

Supply chain analyst, Ross Young, is expecting the new iMac Pro to launch sometime in the summer, at the earliest.

Ross Young has an excellent track record and was the sole analyst to report that the 2021 MacBook Pros would feature mini-LED panels.

In both a Twitter post and the Display Supply Chain Consultants weekly report, Young explained that the new iMac Pro will still feature mini-LED backlighting but with fewer zones than found on the mini-LED iPad and Macbook Pros.

In the report, Young explained further "At the end of last year, we indicated a new mini-LED iMac Pro was coming in 2022. We thought it was coming in the spring, but we now hear it may be summer. Of course, it could be delayed further into the fall. One of the supply challenges Apple has with this product is obtaining more MiniLEDs."

"In terms of the display, we hear it may not have as many mini-LED zones and mini-LEDs as what can be found on the iPad Pro and MacBook Pros. We are also questioning whether it will be IGZO or not. I wouldn’t think so since power consumption is less of a concern and there would be little benefit to throttling refresh on a monitor down to 24Hz as IGZO can do."

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If Young's findings prove to be true, we think the new iMac Pro is most likely to be announced at WWDC 2022 in June, but only time will tell.

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Writing by Luke Baker.
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